Here is my journey of personal transformation!

Hi, I am Srimaya Mahapatra, an Electronics Engineer turned Entrepreneur in Mindfulness and Personal Transformation Coaching Services since 2017, father to a beautiful daughter and husband to a super cool wife, currently stationed at Mumbai, India. Here is the story of my personal transformation…

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

For many years in my life I did NOT follow this philosophy! Just like I was getting advises about Entrepreneurship from people who had never run a business, just like I was getting advised about my personal life from people who had never handled their relationships better, just like in our schools and colleges, a majority of the time we learn things from people who never tried those theories into practical use, I was also following the same path! I was a fool, to say the least!

After a decade full of super exhaustive, largely monotonous big multinational corporate career that I lived in between traffic jams to handling tricky bosses every single weekday from 9am to 9pm, desperately waiting for that salary credit just to see it vanishing after the first week of the month, helplessly waiting for the weekend to get some so called “breathers” with a bunch of people who are living the same life as yours; I was feeling stuck for years not only in my job but also in my personal relationships.

One fine day, I just took a decision to stop taking “advises” from people who never could go out of their “comfort zone”, who never “experimented”, who just followed the masses. I started my research to know the answers myself. I invested hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of research in the internet, until I got my answers! It led me to leave my client facing role as an IT Project Manager and volunteer for “Coaching” and “Talent Development” – my insatiable passions! For the next 5 years in that organization as a L&D Specialist, I achieved far grater fulfillment empowering thousands of employees across India in Behavioral & Leadership Skills than I had ever achieved in the first 10 years of my career!

Magic starts to happen when you convert your passion to your life’s mission!

In 2017, I left my corporate life to start working as a freelance coach in Behavioral Skills under my own education start-up brand The Persona Grata Training & Consultancy Services (TPG). Once again I went through powerful transformational programs such as the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Development Program (IDP) certifications. By 2020, I had 20+ corporate clients, schools, colleges and 7000+ learners across 10 major cities in India. When I was about to scale up TPG, the Corona Pandemic hit! However as I said, my passion had already become my mission in life and I responded to this situation by adapting the digital coaching methods.

There are people who believe in miracles and then there are people who have faith on methods!

I was quick to realize that digital coaching requires a different approach, different methods. Once again, I invested hugely on international coaches like Siddharth Rajsekar, Blair Singer, Jack Canfield, Andy Puddicombe and Robin Sharma to name a few to go through unspeakable transformation and empowerment in digital coaching, digital marketing, digital selling, guided mindfulness meditation and the power of spirituality. Once again, I dove into thousands of hours of research, practice and practical implementation of such methods! Can’t thank the grand masters enough for helping me with the skills, the tools and the systems to practically achieve such mind-blowing transformation in the shortest span of time!

As I am writing this, I feel more empowered than ever, feel more pious than ever, more energetic than ever, hungrier than ever, yet… calmer & cheerful than ever! And, as I am writing this, let tell you that my entire life’s transformation, the most powerful ones are for you to access!

Formal education gives you an earning. Self-education gives you a fortune! – Jim Rohn

My dearest learner, if you are here to be brave to invest on your self-education, take the decision to empower yourself with the best mindfulness, positive mindset, influencing communication skills, powerful leadership skills and amazing emotional intelligence in the shortest span of time using my NLP accelerated learning methods, then…

I will be waiting for you here!

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