Mindfulness Workshop with Srimaya Mahapatra


Hi, I am Srimaya Mahapatra, a Mindfulness Coach with a mission to help 1 Million Job Seekers, Mid-Career Professionals and Young Entrepreneurs live a cheerful life realizing their full potential using Mindfulness Techniques.
From my 19 years of experience working with MNCs and running my own educational start-ups especially in Personal Development Space, I have been interacting with 7000+ professionals, job seekers and entrepreneurs. I realized that some of the best degrees, certifications, skills and experiences will still NOT be helpful to you unless you practice the art of Mindfulness. Our environment can be really powerful than us, people with bad intentions never seem to end, it always feels like many things go wrong despite we give our best efforts, we feel stuck and empty in life and we realize that somewhere we misunderstood the word "success" in life! DO YOU KNOW WHY THAT HAPPENS? A lot relies on our own mindset and emotions. We need to have absolute control on our thoughts and that would eventually lead to good things in life. It has the power to alter our environment, our decisions to be able to handle negative in life and finally make our results better! I encourage you to come join me in my journey to empower you - life doesn't have to be so difficult. Let's understand how we can make things better. Click on the link above and learn more.

One Life. Let's Make it Count!

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What my students say about my coaching methods?

Loved it a lot💖 It is an extremely excellent online career growth Academy. When I was joining in this academy, at that time I was very nervous, my communication fluency was not good, and my confidence level was very low. But now I can feel the transformation of my career and I feel more confident. It was an amazing experience for me, I learned many valuable things. Thank you so much, Srimaya sir, for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this family. We are really grateful to have you as a mentor. I would like to recommend this to everyone. because it is the platform where you can improve your skills, knowledge and many more things.
Subham Kumar
Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year Student, India
I recommend choosing this online platform as it is a platform that makes the best man of the raw clay. From my one month experience I feel that I have become a bit better and I have also been encouraged to overcome my nervousness. This not only helps you improve your carrier goal but also helps in the improvement of personality. It also strengthens you to be a good competitor in the job market.
Arpita Jena
Civil Engineering 3rd Year Student, India
With stupendous communication skill and personality development lessons, you are even going to know about how to achieve your alpha(Your dream job). The consistency of tasks will make you a workaholic person. The guidance by professionals and motivators will lead you towards your Alpha. From day one itself, I started to notice a change in my communications skill, I began to get ideas about the current scenario of job industries. I think this platform will help everyone who has the same problem about the career. I'm Grateful to be here!
Suraj Paul
Computer Science Engineering Final Year Student, India
If you are really want to boost your personality up to the level which the current world demands, then I think this is the platform who gives you that commitment Personally now I have conquered not only the fear of speaking in English but also became more confident about my future plans Meanwhile, you will get the proper guidance from professional, leaders and entrepreneur about your future goals as well as valuable tips which would help you to take action to build your dreams.
Naresh Sahoo
Computer Science Engineering Final Year Student, India