“I’ve realized through my numerous failures in life that ultimately it all boils down to two major desires, the desire to run our days with peace of mind and the desire to achieve our goals without procrastinating too much; the pace – as I call it! After going through truckloads of books, videos, mentor coaching, I have finally locked-on the most effective practices of “Mindfulness Techniques” to turn these desires to reality. I’ve finally created a learning platform providing the “Mindset”, the “Skillset” and the “Toolset” we need so much not only for now but for many years from now as we leap to a future largely dominated by technology where human emotions are going to be of prime importance. I’ve made this a mission of my life to share that with at least 100,000 professionals by 2031!”

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My Courses

Accelerated learning courses on Mindfulness Meditation, Purpose Clarity, Positive Mind-Set, Productivity Mastery, Mindful Communication Skills Mastery, Mindful Leadership Skills Mastery, Mindful Career Choices Blueprint, Mindful Financial Planning and Mindful Entrepreneurship Skills

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My Community

Events and Environments matter a lot to stay motivated. That’s the power of a community! My learners need to interact with not only my courses but also with each other. Collaboration always leads to Creation and network is proportional to net-worth!

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My Counselling

I know exactly how it feels when someone listens to you at times of distress, confusion and restlessness without any judgement, with an open mind & heart! I’m all ears to your distresses, fears, anxieties, confusions of life on a 1-to-1 basis & suggest solutions to get back your peace-n-pace!

A short intro about me!

Srimaya Mahapatra, NLP, ICF and IDP Certified Mindfulness and Personal Transformation Coach for age 25-45

Reviews from my learners

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